Welcome to our website, where novices and professionals, all those who somehow connected with baseball, will find the necessary information. Baseball is not so a popular game in Europe as soccer, tennis, hockey and many other games. However, if you ask an American, what it is for him the sport number 1 – he answers without delay, that is baseball. Why known and popular game until recently in America and Asia does become popularity and rapidly grow in in Europe, Australia and even Africa? The answer lies on the surface, although many may not agree with this explanation of the popularity of this sport.

It is first and foremost about the tactics of the game baseball. Opinion is deceptively that baseball is just a game where the pitcher throws at random, just to much, and batter, trained for years, bats the ball and it flies far beyond the stadium, or, in extreme cases, far into the field. This is not true, or rather, it is not so. Baseball game is not just a confrontation between pitcher and batter, but it is most tactical scheme, especially from the defense, that is, from the pitcher. To throw the ball in baseball is easy, we agree with this statement. But to throw so that the striker doesn’t hit the ball, or hits on it in passing, thus earns a strike - this is the real skill and ability of pitcher.
The key of a successful game of pitcher and the team