Alex Rodriguez is the legend of modern world baseball!

The modern world of is so varied that we can confidently say: in every part of the world there is own, unlike the style of baseball game. American baseball, MLB is known for its aggressive and at the same time, quality pitchers, who are both the young players and experienced baseball players, who have played in the league for 20 years or more. In Asia, for example, baseball is more malleable and not so dynamic as some fights of MLB, which can be called a classic: New York Yankees against the Texas Rangers and so on.

With regard to the European features of baseball – it should be noted that here there are its own style, which is not similar to any MLB, or the Asian style of game. Why is one game differently represented in different continents and in different parts of the globe? [sc name="article ad"]The answer is simple,of course: the key players of any league determine game and in particular its style and tendencies. In this article we want to draw your attention and tell about the legendary baseball idol of many people regardless of age and other characteristics – Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome – Alex Rodriguez!

Hey Rod, Alex Rodriguez is namely so-called of all those, who are familiar with his game and in general all those who know about whom is talking, was born in 1975 in New York. Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez is the author of a large number of records and all sorts of achievements. For example, in 2000 the owner of the team Texas Rangers offered  him to contract, where he earned $ 252 million, and this money is only for baseball contracts. In addition, Alex Rodriguez has a multimillion-dollar contracts for advertising, and he periodically appears on television, speaking as an expert and  analyzing league matches MLB.

Career, of then unknown Alex Rodriguez, a young, full of promise shortstop, started in the club Seattle Mariners. His first season Alex Rodriguez had just brilliant. Being at such young age, he seeked 0,358 percent
. The main qualities of Hey-Rod are definitely charisma, skills, dexterity and ability to see the baseball field.

In 2003 Alex Rodriguez was named the best player of the league, and in 2007 he made his 500 th Home Run! The result is truly a genius for a player of that age. Further – more. Recently, Hey Rod, who plays for the team New York Yankees, hitted his 600 th and then 601th Home Run. Playing at 3 base next to Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez continues to lead Yankee to the first position in MLB.

Apparently the experience and skill, coupled with the actions of Alex’s mates will win the MLB for the second time in a row! Last season the Yankees led their skill to possess of the main prize of World Series baseball. Mark Teixeira, Robinson Cano and other companions of Hey Rod in the Yankees note in Rodrigues ability to turn the game on its head, and it is the sign of  the high skills and ability at the right moment to make a result for his team!