Dear friends and fans of baseball! On some TV channels we can watch developments of events in the main baseball league in the world – MLB. [sc name="article ad"]Baseball is so popular and exacting game in recent time, that more and more people want to play baseball, but face with the problem of lack of awareness. Wanting to learn this or that information about this wonderful game of baseball fans get to sites that have nothing to do with the game. That is why in this article we decided to tell about the rules of baseball, thus anticipating the start of  a baseball career for some young  people.

So, baseball  is a game in which two teams take part. According to the draw, each team play during a match  in attack, then in defence, or vice versa. The goal, like in the most other sports games, is to score more points, than rivals, simply speaking, to score more than pass. Unlike football or basketball, for example, in baseball the ball is scored nowhere  - the problem of players is through the stroke of  bat to make such strikes after the ball flew away from defending  or,at the very successful event, flew off from outside the stadium. I'm sure many people have heard anything about baseball, remember such a thing as a Home Run. Home-Ran is a blow, after which it becomes impossible for the defending team to return it to the game.

Baseball field can be divided into several parts. Two participating teams are located in the field and at bat. In fact, the offensive team is represented by one single player. The other players it is defence. Pitcher, catcher are  players on the bases and fielders. Places on the field, which are necessary for each striker to pass to bring the team a point, are called bases. Counter-clockwise are presented the first base, second, third and home. The task of the striker by hammering and then navigate through data bases is  to return through 3 base in the house. A point is assigned to the attacking team for each player who have done a full circle and returned to the house.

So, pitcher starts the game, who is located in a place, called pitcher’s box, and other players, as we said, are on their places on the field. The striker of the attack team must strike on ball that was sent in his direction by pitcher and then rush to first base. And he must reach the base faster there than the transmitted by him. How do you understand the meaning and to hit the ball farther, winning time to move to the base.

The game consists of 9 halves which are called  innings. Each inning has “top” and “bottom”, ie, the top - when team attacks, bottom, when it defends, or team 2 attacks. Inning lasts as long as both teams get 3 outs. The reasons of outs can be different positions and actions on the field: catching of a flying ball – “fly-ball” or if  the defence gives the ball to the base before the player in attack, who was batting a ball, arrives. The game can not end in a tie, if after 9 innings  is a tie, the extra inning is appointed. And so on, before one of the teams will finish the regular inning with victory.