The famous American writer Gerald Earley said that “… there are only three things in which America will be known during the time, from which we study this civilization, they are the Constitution, jazz and baseball”.Taking into account words of the writer, one cannot but agree with this partially. Of course the U.S. and the whole America is known not only thanks this, but among other things, which come to mind at the mention of the U.S baseball comes into view, of course!

This article, as you have guessed, we decided to dedicate baseball in the U.S.. No team on the planet Earth doesn’t have currently such a strong baseball team, because main league baseball, MLB, has the best players from around the world, from Latin America and Asia, but in general, of course, Americans play the main role there. [sc name="article ad"]American baseball is the strongest component and therefore we can state that there are so many teams in America playing on the highest level. Thirty-professional teams, that play in MLB, are stars of the first, the largest magnitude, who hit Home Runs and almost every other player make strikes – this is American baseball!

The very first baseball team, and then the game was called “town ball”,  was a team from Philadelphia, the prototype of the current club Philadelphia Filliz. The club was founded in 1831, had its charter, consisting of fifteen articles, where the rights and responsibilities of each team member from a simple player and ending with the director of the club have being prescribed. Here trainings reserved for certain days  and other features of the structure of the club were provided. Baseball has got glory and repute when for successful actions points were awarded and it made sense of the game.

Currently, baseball in the U.S. is more than a game. Indeed the difference between Baby Root and Roger Maris, relatively Home Runs for the season, more people differ and know than that Reagan got in a similar situation  3 votes more than Roosevelt. Returning to the words of writer Gerald Earley we understand that baseball in America is more than just baseball, it’s a separate world, hidden in the framework of platforms and bleachers, as well as a whole in the perimeter of the stadium.

Modern American baseball can open up new talents immediately after graduation in high school. In general, the structure and system of training young professionals for professional leagues in America whether it is be baseball, hockey or basketball, is established almost to the ideal.A player, who plays baseball  on campus or in farm-club, gets immediately an opportunity to play and get good money after graduation.That is why during the whole course scouts or simply employees of a team are watching success of young players, leading him and adapting him to themselves. Thus, the success of American baseball consists first and foremost in the mass enthusiasm and professional attitude. And with such an approach only victory can be.