The word “baseball”  is a widespread phenomenon in the modern sports world,  otherwise how to explain the popularity of this game on absolutely all continents. The fact that competitions are held in the U.S. and Canada for over 100 years at the highest level makes baseball world-famous. Teams from various states and cities compete for the annual championship of MLB (Major league of baseball). Also the number of people who want to learn play this game is constantly growing: sport completely available, it is not hockey or tennis, where you need expensive clothing and other delights.

In any court having more or less flat bat and ball baseball can be organized. The popularity of the game is so high that bookmakers offices offer fans of gaming and sports betting to participate in betting. Ability to bet on victory of one or the other team, handicap, total, total of host or guest – it all allows people to win real money, and it gives opportunity bookmakers offices and other interested in this sport to develop sport.

Baseball is unthinkable without its history, like any other concept in this world. To know the future, you must know history. It is this motto applies everything, including baseball. The game is the most famous and popular in the United States, on Liberty Island, in Japan, China and other Asian countries. Related types of the game one way or another connected with baseball  are at first rounders in Russia, pesapolo, cricket in Finland, England, schlagball in Germany etc. This explains the fact that baseball is developed currently in the more than one hundred twenty countries around the world.

In the early twentieth century some American newspapers claimed on their pages about the emergence of radically new game called baseball or base ball. Also in the newspapers were met such characters of baseball like town ball, the ball in the goal and many others. Over time it became generally accepted name of baseball, but the game quickly gained popularity among the masses who wanted without fail to learn to play this before non-existent game.

A resident of the U.S. Abner Doubleday was considered for a long period of time the creator of the rules of baseball. He lived in the town of Cooperstown, and yet there is now a large number of denials of involvement of this man to the rules of baseball, and some data find that man with this name never lived at that time in this city. The most reliable information is the fact that in 1945 the nineteenth-century New Yorker Alex Cartwright suggested baseball club of the city his interpretation of the rules of baseball. The latter version  by its virtue of accessibility and objectivity has been adopted by the club and the general public.

The nineteenth of June the following year a great event took place: the first in the history official baseball game. Subsequently, baseball began to develop rapidly, we should specify that some owners of baseball teams to attract  strong players have begun to pay them. The team from the city of Cincinnati, and then it was called Red Stokings, was the first where players have got money for participating in games and generally for stay in the team. The current situation in Cincinnati Reds as well as in other clubs MLB is totally different, that is, in principle, they get money paid, but much more than in the days Cartwright. Since 1938 the world championships in baseball among men are held, but since 2004 women officially represent the sport participating in the championships of the world. During the 1911 session of the International Olympic Committee baseball was excluded from the program of the Olympic Games, because the American and National League have refused to suspend championships during the Olympics. But so far that settles question about the re-introducing of this beautiful game in the program of the Summer Olympics!

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