How to become a craps winner

In order for us to learn how to become a craps winner, it is important to first know the basics of playing craps. Before you can move on to more advanced strategies you must first understand the fundamentals. You must know the rules of the game and the odds every bet offers. Once you are familiar with the fundamentals you are ready to move on to more advanced strategies.

Always keep in mind that casino games are based on mostly luck. This is important to remember when managing your money. The two main factors when playing craps are the types of bets you place and how you manage your money. When it comes to money management while playing craps, you need to be self disciplined. The allure of huge winnings by placing big bets is rather tempting but it also means you can lose it all rather quickly. Instead, try setting a certain amount of money for playing and once you have exhausted your funds, walk away from the table. This is also a good winning strategy as greed can keep you in a game longer than you need to be. Chose a cap on the amount you will win and once you reach this limit, walk away. It is also very important to begin every game of craps with a predetermined amount of money, depending on the tables minimum requirements. A reasonable amount to begin with would be $100.00 if it’s a $5.00 table. If you are successful in doubling your money, put aside your initial $100.00 and continue with your winnings. Repeat this process every time you double your money.

How you bet on craps is equally important. You should avoid betting against a high house edge. Yes the payouts are much higher, but your chances of winning aren’t very good. A more sound strategy is to place a bet on a low house edge as your chances of winning are far greater, albeit with smaller winnings.